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Food Color: Food Colors Manufacturers, Supplier in Ahmedabad, India

We are the foremost Food Color manufacturer in India and also the Food Color manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our company makes use of the best quality food color that is favorable to be used for several purposes. It is a type of a dye that is highly used for providing the color to the edible and non edible products.

The food color provided by our company is available in a wide range and they are providing the great pigmentation whenever they are used. These food colors are available in natural as well as the synthetic color which can be chosen as per the requirements. And this food colors are available in the different shades of Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Black, etc. are highly used by several industries.

The best quality Food Color in India and the Food Color in Ahmedabad is provided by our company. We are the foremost Food Color manufacturer in India, Food Color manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Food Color Supplier in India, Food Color supplier in Ahmedabad. We are also providing the facility of the food color customization where we provide the facility in which we provide the customized shade of the respective color.

food colors manufacturers
food colors supplier
Color Common Name Food Color No. C.I.No
Tartrazine Yellow 4 19140
Sunset Yellow Yellow 3 15985
Carmoisine Red 3 14720
Ponceau 4R Red 7 16255
Amaranth Red 9 16185
Allura Red Red 17 16035
Brilliant Blue Blue 2 42090
Indigo Carmine Blue 1 73015
Erythrosine Red 14 45430
Black PN Black 1 28440
Red 2G Red 10 18050
Brown HT Brown 3 20285
Patent Blue V Blue 5 42051
Quinoline Yellow Yellow 13 47005
Green S Green 4 44090

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