Lake Colors

Lake Colors - Manufacturer, Supplier from Ahmedabad

SHREY DYE CHEM INDUSTRIES is one of the only few largest Lake Colors Manufacturer and Supplier in Ahmedabad-India which supplies across the globe. Lake Colors products are of very high quality and available in a very affordable price range. These are pigments made from a blend of organic dyes and metallic salts that create colors that are insoluble and oil-dispersible. This means that Lake Colors can be easily mixed into products that provide a consistent and long-lasting color. The most common metallic salts used are aluminum, calcium, barium, and chromium salts. The anionic groups on the dye, such as sulfonate or carboxylate groups, bind to the metallic cations to form the pigment. Pigment color is determined by the dye used. There are many lake colors, like Red 40, Blue 1, etc., named after dyes.

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