Tartrazine Food Dye

Tartrazine Food Dye Manufacturers

SHREY DYE CHEM INDUSTRIES is one of the only few largest Tartrazine food dye Manufacturers at reasonable prices from India. Tartrazine is a synthetic lemon yellow AZO dye that is used as a food coloring agent. We are a leading manufacturer in the industry of Tartrazine food dye products and serve a large number of clients. Tartrazine food dye is water soluble and has optimum absorption capacity in an aqueous solution. Tartrazine food dye is used for various applications such as processed commercial foods having artificial green or yellow color, desserts, confectionery, cotton candy, cake mixes, and pastries. As well as beverages such as soft drinks and snacks such as flavored corn chips, jams and spreads, cereals, noodles, and other processed foods are also made with it.

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